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Human resource management mechanism: The 
scientific human resource management mechanism is the fundamental guarantee for realizing the company's talent strategy. The company has always insisted on establishing and improving the human resources management mechanism, forming a "development, competition, incentive, elimination" employment mechanism, which provides a broad career development space for excellent talents. 
1) Absorb talents 
across the country, irrespective of the talents, Dongfang Electric Heating Company favors young and complex talents with creative passion. By introducing a market-oriented talent value positioning system, a competitive salary system has been established. 
2) Making good use of talents 
pays great attention to the final work result, which is the excellent style inherited by the company. To be effective, to have results, to achieve the goal, the Dongfang Electric Heating Company will continue to improve.

Talent strategy: 
Talent strategy is an important part of the company's strategic development. "People-oriented" is the basic principle of realizing the company's talent strategy. "Attracting talents, making good use of talents, retaining talents and developing talents" is the core of talent strategy. 
1) Seeking talents if you are thirsty, knowing good people; 
2) People-oriented, meritocracy; 
3) Humanity management, making the best of your talents; 
4) Career development, common growth; 
5) Welfare retention, career retention

Talent is the soul of business management and development. Over the years, Dongfang Electric Heating Co., Ltd. has collected hundreds of rivers, gathered the essence, and comprehensively introduced all kinds of excellent talents. A fair working environment and career stage, through the combination of internal promotion and the introduction of external talents, the perfect human resource management mechanism promotes outstanding talents to stand out, and realizes the effective development and rational allocation of human resources, so as to achieve the right position and get the job , The human resources management purpose of both human resources.

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